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Charities We Support

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Featured Charity: Cerebral Palsy Foundation

The Cerebral Palsy Foundation process is to find, define and address Moments of Impact – the times at which interventions and insights, if properly implemented, have the power to improve lives. We then work to better understand what is needed to effect change and the best ways to implement it. We seek out the best thinkers in an area, and form collaborative networks to work together and bring about transformation. Finally, we share our work with others so it will have the greatest possible impact.

Our Collaborative Networks bring together many of the country’s most prestigious medical institutions, as well as innovative thinkers in diverse areas such as technology and media, in order to accelerate not only the development of critical advances, but also their delivery. While our work of course includes important strides being made toward the eventual prevention of cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities, our focus is on the translational research, clinical application and knowledge transfer that can dramatically change lives today.

Learn more about the Cerebral Palsy Foundation here: http://yourcpf.org/